Great Work II - 2021 Goal Mapping!

Great Work II - 2021 Goal Mapping!

Tarihler: 21 Şubat 2021 Pazar ~ 21 Şubat 2021 Pazar 21 Şubat 14:30 - 21 Şubat 16:00

Yer: Zoom


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Yorumlar: Şub 21, 2021 ~ Şub 21, 2021

2021 Goal Mapping w/Stephen Karbaron - 90 min Workshop (English)

This live online workshop is the second one of 3 series of "2021 Great Work Year" workshops offered by a collaboration of PowerCoaching.Us international trainers and USA LSP University. 

This three-part Zoom Interactive Workshop series designed to help you manifest a better life, a better world, and your best possible year. Learn how to integrate coaching concepts, meditations, and tools as you redefine the impact of your past, find inspiration in every moment, and envision your imprint on the future.

Discover what you want in life and business, determine your purpose, define your goals, create a plan of action, and mitigate any challenges you may experience.

2021 Goal Mapping w/Stephen Karbaron 90 min Workshop

About the Facilitator:

Stephen Karbaron

With more than 40 years’ experience in the Eyewear Industry, Stephen has achieved more than most.  A qualified Optician, he became known as Mr Sunglasses in the 1990’s, writing regular articles for What Car Magazine, The Evening Standard and many fashion magazines, he also starred as the expert on several TV shows.  Stephen has designed eyewear collections for Dolce & Gabanna and advised on collections for Donna Karan, Calvin Klein, Anna Sui, Ted Baker and many more International brands.

Stephen was head-hunted by Russian, optical retailer Lensmaster in 2005, where he worked as Product Director and was an instrumental part of the management team that took the company from 12 to 87 stores in 6 years, before it was sold to Grand Vision, the World’s second largest Optical retailer.  In 2011 Stephen left Lensmaster to set up and run Russia’s first JV Subsidiary with International Eyewear Manufacturer Mondottica. 

In 2006 Stephen was introduced to Goal Mapping at Anthony Robbins’ Date With Destiny event,in 2018 Stephen was introduced to Brian Mayne, the creator of Goal Mapping.  After attending a one day workshop with Brian in January 2019, Stephen was personally coached by Brian to himself become a Certified Master Coach and uses this as a tool for his deep-dive discovery sessions with businesses wishing to work with him.

Stephen now consults with International companies on best business practices and Conscious business development.  Stephen has recently embarked on a Public Speaking project, to share his insights and experiences, with the objective of creating a better, more sustainable and peaceful World, helping businesses and individuals create positive mindset, focus on their passions and achieve their dreams.

Course Requirements:

  • High-speed internet
  • Computer or Video Conferencing System with Webcam and Microphone (built-in or external)
  • Zoom connection information will be emailed several days prior to the class start date.


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Online Workshop

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